Discover the Benefits of Caring for a Loved One in Minnesota

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It’s no secret that those caring for family members often struggle to make ends meet at the end of each month. Even though many family caregiver compensation programs exist, they can be complicated and confusing as the details often differ state-to-state.

As a Minnesota home care agency, Best Home Care MN is proud to say that our state has some of the best legislation and programs in the nation to help individuals get paid to

Today’s Home Health Care Technology for Seniors

Home Health Care Technology

Seniors today have experienced a huge evolution in technology throughout their lives. From the first color television to the explosion of smartphones, they have seen more change than maybe any other generation in history.

Even though this cultural shift towards technology may be intimidating, there has never been a better time to be a senior. In addition to valuable PCA services, thousands of devices exist today that help seniors live a more independent life and improve

Best Ways to Improve Mobility in Seniors

In-Home Care for Mobility

As we age, we all face challenges maintaining our daily routines. Perhaps the most discouraging of these challenges is the struggle to move in ways that once came easy. Decreasing bone density and a loss of muscle mass are both to blame for the decline in mobility that seniors typically experience. Climbing stairs, getting out of bed, and walking around the house are daily activities that are essential for living a healthy, independent life. However, many seniors will

How to Get Paid For Taking Care of a Family Member

Compensation for Taking Care of a Family Member

Providing home care for an elderly or disabled family member often begins out of love, but can quickly become a financial burden for the caregiver. These individuals may find themselves taking time off from work and, as a result, missing out on potential income as they take on this new caregiver job title.

The Minnesota Leadership Council on Aging states that each year in Minnesota 600,000 caregivers leave over $7 billion on the table as they

Lonely Seniors: The Psychological and Emotional Benefits of Home Care

Personal Care Services

A personal care assistant plays many roles in the life of a senior. Perhaps one of the least appreciated aspects of their service is the psychological benefit they provide for their clients. Isolation, boredom, depression, and vulnerability can make a senior’s emotional life difficult and even lead to serious medical issues.

The companionship of a personal care assistant gives seniors a trustworthy confidant, a way to voice their concerns and feelings, and a support system for continued