How to Be a Great Family Caregiver: Providing Care With a Job and Family

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For most family caregivers, the decision to provide home care is an easy one. But while done for all the right reasons, this added responsibility can lead to issues for the caregiver if not properly prepared. Adding at home care to a “To Do” list that contains a full time job, a family, and other personal commitments can leave a family caregiver wondering how they can do it all. The health and wellness of a family member is a priority we

Family Caregiving: Living Away From Loved Ones That Need Home Care

Providing Home Care From A Distance

According to a study conducted by the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, 72% of family caregivers live within a twenty-minute drive of their loved one they provide home care for and 13% live within an hour. This means that 15% of all informal family caregivers live an hour or more away from those they provide home care services for.

Long-distance caregiving is generally a much more difficult task and takes a greater amount of planning

Be a Great Family Caregiver: Avoid Falling Into These Bad Habits

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For most family caregivers, home care is not something that lasts for a week or two. A family caregiver will likely provide daily in-home care for a family member or friend for months or years at a time. After a while it’s easy to think you have it all figured out and know what’s best for your patient; however, it can be even easier to fall into habits that lead to larger issues down the road.


Navigating the Seas of Home Health Care With Best Home Care


It takes a full crew of people to guide a ship safely back to port. The same is true when planning which home care agency is right for you and your family. While it may be easy to go with the first local home health care company that appears on a Google search, time should be taken to get to know the home care professionals that work there and determine if they truly have your best interest in

Home Caregiving in Minnesota: By the Numbers


As a Minneapolis home care agency, Best Home Care is proud of the state we call home. Even though the winters can be nothing short of brutal, Minnesota is a wonderful place to live, work, and play any time of year. We may be biased but we believe that Minnesotans are the nicest and most generous people you’ll ever meet. Visit anywhere else in the world and you’ll soon understand the meaning of “Minnesota Nice.”