Putting the “Best” in Best Home Care – Understanding and Flexible

Understanding & Flexible

In order to be lasting and successful, any relationship must be built on compassion and understanding. Both parties must be flexible and willing to give-and-take if the relationship is to last. In marriages, friendships, and business dealings, the ability to empathize with one another is essential. This same concept holds true for personal care assistants seeking a home care agency and vice-versa.

Finding a certified home health agency to work with can be a stressful and time-consuming

Putting the “Best” in Best Home Care – Gain Ease and Convenience

Home Health Care Agency

There are hundreds of Minnesota home care agencies that all claim to provide the same services. As a personal care assistant, it can be difficult to know which agency is the right match for you. A simple search will return the names of many companies; however, the majority of the time, using this process to select a home care agency simply does not work.

Selecting a home care company to work with is not a decision that

Springtime Activities Can Benefit Your Home Health

Springtime Home Care Activities

Temperatures are rising, snow is melting, and people all over the Twin Cities are slowly coming back outside. After this winter, it’s hard to believe that springtime is finally upon us. This is our favorite time of year at Best Home Care – not only is it a sure sign that summer is just around the corner, but it also means everybody in our home health agency office can get back outside and back to the activities

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At Best Home Care, we not only strive to be a quality Minnesota home care agency, but also to provide helpful caregiver resources and assistance. One of the most common questions we receive is “Can I get paid to care for a family member?” Our website has a page that provides some basic information on getting paid to take care of a family member, but we felt that we could do more.

So we decided to

Common Myths Regarding Home Health Care

Home Care Myths

There are many individuals in need of home care services who choose to avoid it because they have heard negative rumors about home health care agencies and personal care assistants. These beliefs are generally based on misconceptions and, while some of these myths may hold water, the majority are just that: myths. We here at Best Home Care want to set the record straight on a few of these misconceptions so you can make the best decisions about