Capture Music Therapy’s Many Benefits for Senior Home Health

Benefits of Music Therapy

Ask anyone you know what their favorite song is and you are sure to be in for a long-winded answer as they struggle to narrow it down to just one. From the songs you sang as a kid to that annoying radio hit you can’t get of your head, music has, and will continue to be, a constant part of all our lives. For thousands of years, music has played an integral role in human existence; however, it

Discover the Benefits of Starting a New Hobby for Home Care Patients

Senior Home Health

If you could do anything for the rest of your life, what would it be? This is a common question to determine what we feel is most important and what activities we enjoy the most. These interests typically have nothing to do with our daily work, but instead are things we do out of a personal passion.

As we age, maintaining the hobbies we love becomes increasingly important. These interests are a great way to keep our

Financial Scams in Home Health Care

Avoid Financial Scams in Home Care

A sad trend that has developed over the last decade is the prevalence of financial fraud by home health care providers. Each year, hundreds of millions of Medicaid dollars are paid out for home care services that were unnecessary or weren’t provided at all. In 2014, it is estimated that fraudulent home care charges totaled $60 million of taxpayer dollars in Minnesota alone.

How does this happen? In most situations the personal care assistant or home care

In-Home Care Provides Benefits Not Found at Assisted Living Centers

Options for Senior Care

As we age, the majority of us will need some type of prolonged assisted health care. A recent study from the University of Minnesota estimates that 70% of middle-aged Americans will require some form of long-term health care after the age of 65. The study also suggests that over 50% will spend some time in a nursing home or assisted living center.

The question then becomes not if you will need this care, but how and

Will You Need Home Care? The Answer May Surprise You…

Will You Need Home Care?

A recent study from The University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health shows that middle-aged Americans greatly underestimate their future home health care needs. The study found that 60% of adults (ages 40-65) believe that they are unlikely to require elderly home care, while in reality only 30% will not need some type of long-term home care service.

“The public needs to be aware that most will require care and there’s a need to plan ahead,”