Are PCA Services Right for Your Child?

Respite care for children with special needs

A common question we receive at Best Home Care is “Can I hire a PCA to provide care for my child?” The answer to this question is: Yes! Many people view in-home care as a service only available to seniors, when the truth is that children with physical disabilities or developmental delays benefit greatly from home care as well.

As a parent, caring for your child can be quite taxing. In addition to an already busy

Programs & Resources for Family Caregivers of Minnesota Veterans

Minnesota Home Care for DisabledVeterans

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Minnesota is home to over 360,000 veterans. Due to disabilities or old age, many of these service men and women receive daily care from personal care assistants or family home caregivers. Life can quickly become challenging for these caregivers. Relationships may be strained and wallets stretched as their soldier struggles to adjust back into civilian life.

Physical disabilities and aging aren’t the only foes that plague our vets.

Cooking for Seniors: Support for Safe and Independent Meals

Home Health Benefits of Cooking

The ability to prepare food is one of life’s most basic activities, and can be a wonderful hobby for improving the home health of seniors. Cooking is a rewarding activity that doesn’t require much physical exertion and a great way for seniors to maintain a sense of independence.

Though many people struggle to make a meal on occasion, seniors are at an even greater disadvantage in the kitchen. Heavy appliances, high cabinets, and hot stovetops make preparing

Discover the Benefits of Caring for a Loved One in Minnesota

Minnesota home care agency

It’s no secret that those caring for family members often struggle to make ends meet at the end of each month. Even though many family caregiver compensation programs exist, they can be complicated and confusing as the details often differ state-to-state.

As a Minnesota home care agency, Best Home Care MN is proud to say that our state has some of the best legislation and programs in the nation to help individuals get paid to

Today’s Home Health Care Technology for Seniors

Home Health Care Technology

Seniors today have experienced a huge evolution in technology throughout their lives. From the first color television to the explosion of smartphones, they have seen more change than maybe any other generation in history.

Even though this cultural shift towards technology may be intimidating, there has never been a better time to be a senior. In addition to valuable PCA services, thousands of devices exist today that help seniors live a more independent life and improve