Transitional Home Care Can Benefit Recovery After a Surgery

After Surgery Care

Proper home care after a surgery is a critical part of the recovery process. While in the hospital, the patient will receive sufficient care from medical professionals – but what happens after he or she is discharged? Just because someone is out of the hospital does not necessarily mean that person is ready to jump back into a busy life. The patient will usually require a certain amount of transitional health care. Depending on the situation, this process

Respite Care for Children with Disabilities Provides Support for Parents

Respite Care for Children

According to the U.S. Department of Education, there are approximately 6.5 million children with special needs in the country – a number nearly double that of the 1970s. This growing population segment has not only put a demand on the special education programs within our schools, but the parents of these children as well.

In order to care for their child, many parents will choose to work fewer hours or quit their job entirely. This decision,

PCA Services Can Benefit Adult Children

Personal Care Services

Providing care for a child with physical or developmental disabilities is a demanding job for any parent. However, as their child reaches adulthood, parents must make significant decisions regarding the in-home care of their son or daughter. Many parents will choose to continue providing care for their child at home, but it is important to look into other options as well. Hiring a personal care assistant to provide respite services for you and your adult child may

How Can PCA Services Help Your Child With Special Needs?

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Raising a child with special needs is tough. Children with physical and mental disabilities typically require a greater amount of attention and care than others. This often leads to struggles in school and difficulties at home, creating unwanted stress for both the parent and child. If you find yourself nodding in agreement to this, in-home health services may be the answer for your family.

Childhood and adolescence are vital times in the human development process and receiving

Are PCA Services Right for Your Child?

Respite care for children with special needs

A common question we receive at Best Home Care is β€œCan I hire a PCA to provide care for my child?” The answer to this question is: Yes! Many people view in-home care as a service only available to seniors, when the truth is that children with physical disabilities or developmental delays benefit greatly from home care as well.

As a parent, caring for your child can be quite taxing. In addition to an already busy