Live More Independently With Home Care Services!

Given a choice, most people would rather be cared for at home instead of a hospital or facility. This is possible in Minnesota and people of all ages with special health care needs are living more independently at home with the help of medical and non-medical Home Care ServicesPersonal Care Assistant Services or PCA Services are a type of home care service that helps people in Minnesota with their non-medical health related needs and day-to-day activities.

Have Friends Or Family As Your Caregiver!

Having someone you know and trust as your caregiver is very important. In fact, most long-term care in the U.S. is provided by family members. We understand this and are happy to hire your friends or family members to be your Personal Care Assistant (PCA).

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Get Free Home Care Services!

Like.other.Home Care Services in Minnesota, Personal Care Services or PCA Services are free for people who need help and qualify for Medical Assistance. If you need help applying for Medical Assistance we will be happy to help. Please visit our Paying for PCA Services page for more information about Medical Assistance, and contact us if you need help applying.

Why Choose Us?

Founded by an Attorney and former Union President, compliance with the law and fair treatment for our employees is a top priority at Best Home Care. We are passionate about helping people, and believe in treating our employees and clients like family. We use technology to make working and receiving services from Best Home Care easy and convenient. Click here to learn more about Our Company.